Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunday night

I've always love to watch movies or TV series online, cause there're tons of website to watch online. Which I'm addicted to, and been watching for hours, like literally hours!
I used to spend whole night up just to finish TV series, and which I know is a bad habit, but yeah I'm just addicted to it. I love a lot of TV series out there for instance The Vampire Diaries, Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liar, Teen Wolf, and so many more. (I could spell it out for hours :p)

But some of them are still waiting for airing the new season, so I'm kinda bored with no entertainment with me. Then I watched youtube the other day, and One Tree Hill soundtrack just come across me. I'm so stunned with some of the sneak peek, it was so good and touched me in some way. Then I looked it up and actually it was an old TV series and I started watching it. And,no joke guys... I'm so addicted! I stayed the whole night to finish the entire season 1 (there are 9 season out there, means 8 more to go).
It was so good, with a lot of deep emotional and situation which attract me into it.

I'm totally gonna finish all the season real soon! 

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