Saturday, August 9, 2014


When it comes to body, I find myself being really lazy these days to take care of my own body like moisturize or exfoliating them. But I find when I get to wear shorts and shows my skin, I would like my skin to looks better. So, few months ago as I walked in the body care aisle I picked up Odeon Face&Body Scrub with Papaya and Cucumber. I never heard this brand before I think I can make a try.

Apparently Odeon is an Indian Skincare and Haircare Product brand which all their ingredient are from the natural ingredients. SInce my skin has been feeling dull,  I picked up the Whitening care for soft, healthy and glowing skin. It enriched with papaya and cucumber extract, which honestly it does smells very weird. For me, it doesn't smell anything like papaya nor cucumber  It has a very thick consistency and texture. . It also has some granulated walnut shell that works as the exfoliation beads.

I've been using it for a few times, I can feel my skin getting smother and also easier to shave. Although I didn't see any changes in skin appearance in term of whitening. Also one thing I can't stand is the scent of it. It doesn't smell good for me. It's a weird nutty sandy smell that I personally dislike. Although it stated can be use for face, I find it'll be very harsh since the granulated walnut shell particle is quite rough. For some people with body sensitivity, I believe it's quite a harsh product that might lead to some redness.

Personally I think it did a great job as body scrub and leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. The only think I can't stand is the smell of it. Repurchase? No. I'm still gonna finish it, but I think there are some other product that works as well but smells better and make me enjoying the whole body exfoliating process.

Any recommendation?




  1. where to buy this product?

    1. I got mine at my local drugstore. I think you can check at your local Indian drugstore which usually will carry it. Also you find it here (

  2. Am waiting to use it I got Odeon scrub face today maybe it will work on my face pimpors


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  5. Seriously, I love love love love this product, it is true, papaya and cucumber had a smell that was very strange, but since I've bought it last time, so I just finished as well, after this will only stick with the apricot and almonds scent alone, I do not want to try the other scent. I highly recommend if you are looking for the face and body scrub, please try this brand!

  6. Jus got mine and I must stay I enjoyed my time in the bathroom. I guess I will be sticking with the Shea butter and vanilla scent.

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  8. I mistakening purchased the one with whitening and I am scared my skin would bleach.I would want to know if it bleaches the skin

  9. It is very effective and good for pimples

  10. This is my 2nd week using it and really love the look


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