Sunday, August 5, 2018

Dealing with Stress

We all have something that we deal with every single day that will cause stress. It can be as small as forgetting something, rushing to work and even to the extend of fatal. Of course we all human being deal with stress differently and there are so many research says that it's important to deal them in the healthy way.

I have learnt so much through my experience and I am gonna share some tips on dealing with stress:

1. Indulge in Physical Activity  

Stressful situation increase the level of stress hormones in your body.
When you feel stress, you tend to feel tense and ache in certain point in your body. That's when I try to remind myself to incorporate some physical activity, either go for a brisk walk, swimming, boxing or even intense HIIT workout.
In my opinion, I tend to zone out of my stress during that hour and let go. Exercising also helps to metabolize the stress hormones and restore your body and mind to a calm and relax state.

2. Invest in some Self-care 

Self care is all about reconnecting back to yourself and it's such a wide underline statement that which basically spending some time to look after yourself physically and mentally. It can varies from like being as simple as treating yourself with some good food, going for a massage, or even taking day off for holiday.
I am trying to introducing a little bit of self care each day into my life like spending extra 10 mins of my skincare routine for myself (you can read all about it in my recent post here). It really put myself in a really good headspace to start and end my day.
If you are not into the fuss, sleep is also a simplest self care, because you tired mind is the first sign of getting stress.
Self care is all about balance, we all need that healthy balance lifestyle.

3. Let it out.

Sometimes when you absorb too much, you are gonna be stuffed. It's like a balloon, when you pump them too big, its gonna explode. Learning how to find release them will helps you to become more aware of the situation which cause you to become stressed.
Just talking to someone about how you feel can be helpful by either distracting you from your stressful thought or also help you find solutions to your stress and put your thoughts into perspective.
Keeping a journal is also an effective stress management tools as it keep tract of the situations which cause you to become stressed. It will enable you to avoid the same situation and develop better coping mechanism.
Another trick is literally cry it out or shout your stress away, believe me it works!

4. Take Control and Learn to Say "No".

When you are stress, everything seems overwhelming on the surface and impossible to solve. But learning how to find solution to your problem will helps to feel more in control of your problem.
Find our the root cause and find a way to get out of it will helps you aware of your stress, sometimes it might be just you are having too much on your plate. I like many others find it hard to say "no" because you want to help and trying to be nice, fear of conflict, missed opportunity or whatever reasons.
Learning to say "no" will really help to reduce the stress level and to develop more self confidence.
I myself am still in the midst of learning to use this principle into my life, it might seems hard at first, but be honest of yourself of what you are able or unable of doing instead of putting yourself in a stress mind state.

5. Live healthy well-balance diet.

I know when you are stress, all you want is basically is just the sugary, fatty comfort food even to help reduce stress level, but unfortunately it actually works the other way round. All those junk food will actually spike your insulin and can cause energy crash after a short while.
Same goes to caffeine, alcohol and drugs. They are a type of suppressant that trying to confuse your brain to think they are good but in fact they are actually harmful.
In general, try to eat healthy, well balance diet with loads of whole nutritious food will lead you into a healthy mind which enable your body to cope better with stress.

It might seems easy but it is a lot if work and they are not an overnight cure but trust me it will makes such a huge difference in your life.

What are your tips and trick on coping with stress? Please share them in the comment :)


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