Saturday, August 9, 2014


*Cough cough* Here it is again for my food in a day post in particular in Singapore! As you guys know, I love food. I enjoy eating food. Food is the one thing that I can't live without (I believe most people are, right?). So, this is the post which I dedicate to you all food lover or.... not? Attention, be careful because it may make you hungry!

1. Breakfast
Kicking the days off with my favorite meal of the day and also the most important meal of the day. I like my breakfast to be hearty and filling so I can be go without being hungry. Recently I have been enjoying eating overnight oats. Basically I just soak some rolled oats with milk (in which I prefer soy milk) and leave it overnight. The oat will soften and gets so creamy. I also add an apple and a few piece of crackers. It taste heavenly!

2. Lunch
As for lunch, I cooked myself some omelette with some vege and toast 2 piece of whole grain breads. Then I stack the eggs between the breads and Tada...Sandwich! Of course I can't forget my chili sauce. You know how we Indonesian love spicy food.

3. Dinner
For dinner that day I decided to go out and have buffet, to be exact korean bbq buffet! OMG! You know how buffet goes, every time you'll come out with full tummy. Are you agree with me? I literally step out the restaurant with a full not really good feeling. But still the food was good! Recommended.
Restaurant : Ssikkek BBQ

Well, it might not the most healthiest food I ate, but this is real people, that is how my life is. Sometimes I get on track and eat healthy, there are also times when I wanted to just eat anything. I think everything is about balance. Don't limit yourself too hard! Enjoy every single moment #YOLO



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