Saturday, November 16, 2013

Daiso Make up Review

Okay, I know I've probably gone missing for a long time. I have been busy for my work and also I've gone to Malaysia for my graduation. Yay! Finally graduated! :)

I bought quite a lot of beauty stuff there. I guess I probably start from the cheapest which I got from Daiso. I got 2 eye shadow palettes and 1 mascara.

This eyeshadow palette is more to blueish shade. It came with 6 eyeshadows and 1 eyeshadows applicator (I don't know what it called ><").

I have always the color, and I can't resist to grab it. It was sealed on the store, so I can't try them out. But it turned out pretty good and I love it.

This palette came with green shades and very pretty. It's very soft and elegant color.

I saw this mascara and it remind me of Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara which I can't find it here. Sad!
The wand came with 2 types of brush, bigger one and the smaller one. Bigger one for upper lashes and smaller one supposed to be for bottom lashes.
It worked pretty well, it didn't smudges on me. The only down on me is it's not waterproof formulas. But I loved it, it makes my lashes look longer and doesn't clump my lashes.

All those stuff are RM 5 each which is crazy! Super cheap and LOVELY!
I'm trying the eyeshadows and I think I applied the one each eye so we can see the difference.
Here's the closer look. :)

Which one do you like?


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