Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Thanks to lovely Louis who tagged me for Liebster Award. How cool! Check her blog if you haven't :)

The ideas behind the award is to help discover and recognize new bloggers. You're given a set of questions by whoever tagged you and answer it, and then tag 5 or so other bloggers with 10 different questions for them to answer. A great way to get to know other new blogger! :)

Here's my answer to Louis's question :

1. Who's your favorite beauty blogger?
I don't know how to sort this into a person because I have quite a few people that I follow and I will check every time they update new posts. First, I would say Estee from Essiebutton . She is so funny and down to earth for me. I feel so connected whenever she talked. Not to say I've been enjoying all the vlog videos she's been putting up, it's addictive! She also gives pretty great explanation about products like she's talking to a friend. Another one I wanna mention is Amelia. I've always love reading dupes for beauty products and her blogs always satisfied me.

2. What's your fashion staples at the moments?
Probably statement necklace, because I can wear simple basic tee and pair with statement necklace for more polished look.

3. What made you start a blog?
I just finished my college, and I have nothing in mind what I wanted to do and I spent almost all my day on internet reading blogs or watching beauty videos. Then I decided to create my own blog to share about my passion and my life. Since then I never regret anything. It gives me the opportunity to get to know other awesome blogger out there.

4. What's your holy grail products?
My holy grail product right now would be Maybelline Baby Lips, it's moisturizing and also give some colors. It's just handy when in a rush or do not feel like wearing too much on the lips.

5. What's your current favorite TV show?
It's gotta be The Vampire Diaries. It's super good and addicting! I've been watching it for 4 years now and still watching the new episode every single week. (Can I add one more? It would be Pretty Little Liar! :p)

6. What quotes do you live in?
"To live in creative art, we must lose the fear to being wrong"

7. Who inspire you?
I got inspire from a lot of people everyday. My family, my friends, also a lot of internet people out there.

8. What can't you leave home without?
Concealer. It's my go to must have.

9. You're at a drugstore, which section do you go first?
Makeup section. Usually would be something with more colors like lips product, eye shadows, blush, etc.

10. Uggs or combat boots?
Combat boots since where I live is tropical climate.

11. Top vacation spot?
I would like to go to Greece one day. I love the history and building exterior in there. It will be my dream to go there and visit.

The nominees I choose:
1. Jessica
2. Lydia
3. Vanessa
4. Zoe
5. Kara
6. Alexandra

These are the questions:
1. What inspire you to start your blog? How has been your experience so far?
2. What kind of content do you enjoy reading on other blogs?
3. What's the must product in your make up bag?
4. What's your favorite beauty product at the moment?
5. Who is your celebrity style icon?
6. Where is your favorite place to shop?
7. What's your favorite TV show?
8. Are you a coffee or tea person?
9. How do you came up with your blog name?
10. What do you expect in 2014?

It would be great if you can answer these questions. If you also do this, leave a comment about your blog and I'll love to check them out. :)



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