Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I adore bright lips. I love the idea of wearing bold lips but sometimes the problem with it smudging or getting on to your teeth some how can be a bit annoying. But last week I decided to pull it off since I wanna have just simple make up and bright lips. Pairing it with bright bold lips definitely ties the looks together without being too much.

Last week I went out with my friends and I got so many question when the last time I wore this lipstick, so I thought I would feature it in my blog. It's Pixy Lasting Matte Lipstick in Peach Delicacy. It's a peach coral color, so it's not either too orange or too red. The formula is very creamy and have matte finishes. I was wearing it for more than 3 hours and after drinking and eating, the color still stay vibrant, only a slight fades. My friends were giving me so many compliment when I was wearing it. 

I paired with with a blue eyeliner to match my top.

My tips to wearing bold bright lips are:
1. Minimal makeup.
Try to keep make up pretty minimal and keep the focal point on the lips. You don't wanna overdo your makeup and make it too hollywood-esh. A natural eyes or a slight wing eyeliner and natural cheek blush will work. 

2. Exfoliate your lips.
When you're wearing bold lips, all the attention will drawn to your lips and you don't want your dry lips to shown. Whether you're wearing a glossy or matte lipstick, it's always a good way to exfoliate your lips first. It's not only make it looks you have smooth lips, also it'll make the lip color apply on smoothly and appear more vibrant.

3. Lip liner (optional)
Lip liner will definitely help lock the color, but for me sometimes I don't really use it that much because I couldn't find the exact match with the lip color that I wear. 

4. Concealer.
Apply concealer to hide your natural lip color will makes the color that you apply appear more vibrant. But again, don't overdo it because it may your lips looks a bit dry.

5. Blot some of the color off.
This is the trick that even Taylor Swift does when she wear red lips. Blot the lips with tissue or powder it over the tissue will make sure the color stays longer.

6. Finger trick!
Every time you pull off bold lips, don't forget to do the finger trick! Simply insert your pointing finger in your mouth so you won't have to worry the color getting on your teeth.

Now, you can rock on your bold lips!


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