Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I have heard a lot about Mineral Foundation and a lot of people seems have a love hate relationship with them. It seems like they have been around for awhile but only when I walked into the drugstore and picked up Kate Mineral Loose Foundation PowderKate is a Japanese makeup brand that I love for a very long time. They have such a great quality and selection eye makeup. So I thought I could give their face product a go and I literally ended up loving it so much.

It comes in loose powder in a tub that normally fly everywhere when you apply which is totally normal.(Let me know if you know how to avoid them). I like it that it's has medium coverage and very lightweight so I don't feel like my face has tons of foundation caking on. It also has SPF 25++ which is always a plus. Apparently it's also paraben free, ultraviolet absorber free and fragrance free. The most important part for me is that it does not break me out. It has 2 color selection and I went for the lighter color which is OC-B

I've been a fan of the product and have been using them every single day. It's quick, easy and has good amount of coverage also mattifyed my oily skin. I used to apply them with powder brush but lately I'm so lazy to clean my brush and decided to just used the puff that comes with it. It does the same job and I found it has more coverage by using the puff. It has save me another 5 minutes in bed because I could just used it instead of trying to blend my concealer in the morning.

I'm literally loving Kate product more and more now. Definitely gonna try more products from their brand!


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