Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I usually like to spend my weekend at home because my day usually pretty crazy busy and when it comes to weekend, I just wanna stay home and do nothing. But recently I just resigned from my previous job, not gonna lie, it's one of the hardest decision in my life that I did. It's been a few weeks since then, Im feeling a lot better now.

Ever since then, my day has been packed with meeting with my friends, catching up and just talking shits, but I really do enjoyed a lot. One of my friend love hitting up the museum and checking cool artistic item and works. That day we hit Gillman Barrack, which located at somewhere nearby vivo, well, we literally need to google the place. My friend just told me she saw amazing photo posted by her friend and she wanted to visit (literally did not know the name of the place). We spend the the first hour researching while having our lunch.

Finally we got to the museum. It's such a nice place where tons of international and local artist showcase their work. It's an outdoor meeting with lush tropical greenery which emerge some of the best artist's work around the world. The place is such inspirational way to exhibit amazing pieces. All pieces has their storyline. The people there are so nice, explaining the story behind every pieces to us,    setting me into their shoes. I guess I'll just let the picture do the talking for now.

Somehow I just lost word of describing all the amazing stuff. But hopefully all the picture will tell you guys somehow the story.

Love you, xoxo


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