Thursday, January 26, 2017


As I started my new year with new workout routine, I have been sticking new workout habit. I have found that I really enjoy working out. Funny because if somebody asked me 2 years ago, I wouldn't say that fitness is something I like, but now I am truly loving it. It has become my daily routine that makes me feel way way better.
Honestly speaking it doesn't just happen overnight, it totally took me years to build up this feeling. Yes, of course I would have days when I am just not in the right mind of working out, but when it normally won't last long because I will just let my body rest and continue my training the following day. Here what I have learn from my experience of working out....

Switch it up.
When you constantly do the same workout over and over again, sometimes it tends to be very boring. Your body also can get used to the same workout so Mix things up! You can do cardio, my personal favourite HIIT, or sometimes LISS aka Low Intensity Steady State for example simple running, power walk, even shopping. I also recently been incorporating some yoga which really helps me calm my hectic and overhype mind.

Find a buddy.
It is so much more fun to workout with a buddy. I love to tag along with my bestie when she called me up for a class session or two. Sometimes it give me a little bit more push see-ing other people, it can be a sort of mini competition or we can just laugh together when we finished few rounds.
Don't have to worry if have no friends who has healthy lifestyle like yours, join a class! They have so many people in a class where you can just do team workout together. You might also meet new friend people. I have be friend with new friend from gym, it's incredible.

Plan it out.
"I have no time" is always an excuse that I heard from either friends, colleagues, even me years back. But ever since I got my life together and start to plan things out, I also have reserve an hour of my day 5 days a week for my workout session. For me, workout is my me time, I love sweating my worries away. Once in a while my hour session can turn double because I just love them.

Those area some of my take on working out.
One thing I am trying to improve is to slot in morning 7am session, because my work sometimes required me to do overtime which ended up missing my class. Hopefully this year I can pull this off. Fingercrossed!

Workout should be enjoyable and fun, not something you drench over. So try them out, incorporate them into your lifestyle. 
Let's get fit together!


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