Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY: Tribal Printed Sneaker

I've been seeing a lot of tribal printed on internet lately, and the other day I saw a picture on tumblr about it. I adore it so much, but it may cost quite expensive on the store. So, I decided to make it my own.

The tools you'll need:
- Old sneaker 
- Fabric paint ( Black and white)
*Since I'm using white plain sneaker, I need to paint it black,*
- Paint brush
- Masking tape

It's very simple, and you just need to go with the kind of tribal print you want. 
Of course with some patient and time :)

Mine ended with with this pattern , not bad right? :) 

My Memorable Experience of making this project:

When I was making this sneaker,actually I used my old sneaker that is white color. So, I painted it black, and my dad said "Why don't you just buy a new pair of black sneaker"
"I don't wanna waste money, wanna do some recycle project" (My old sneaker was pretty bad)
"*Sigh* You're wasting time and it didn't look good at all"
 (I felt annoyed)

Honestly at that step it really didn't look good because i was trying the print on my sneaker. But, i just ignored him and continue painted my sneaker. 
After I finished painted my sneaker, I let it dry completely overnight. (At that time, my dad already slept and he didn't see the end result)
The next day my mom told me that my dad was looking at my completed sneaker and said "Hmm, it wasn't bad at all"
Hahaha!! I was laughing loudly, cause my dad rarely said something good about my project.
"See! I told y'all!" I said to my mom.
She just smiled. But I felt kinda happy about it. 

I did a little effort by adding fishtail braid :)

To make the print stand out, I wear my tribal printed cardigan as well.

It was very easy,  and of course very inexpensive!
You even can customize your own printed. Just try it out and have fun with it :)



  1. These are so cute!! You have some really cool and inspiring DIY ideas.
    You also have a great blog I like it a lot :)

    Check me out if you want?


    1. Haha, thanks! :D you're so sweet! Sure! :) I'll follow you on bloglovin :)


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