Thursday, January 9, 2014


I totally forgot to do this Haul that I should be doing long time ago.
But late better than never, right? 

What I got:
1. Hair care

 It helps to hold curl to last longer and also can worked as heat protectant spray.
It also able to protect hair fro UV rays and prevent split ends.

It works as Leave in Conditioner Hair Spray which contain Vit A, C, E, Olive Oil to help nourish your hair.

I believe both are Japanese Product, and both worked great with me. 
Both don't feel sticky or oily at all which is great.
I only use The Hair Curl Lotion when I use heat on my hair.
I do use The Vitamin Spray everytime after I wash my hair.

2. Face (Makeup and Skincare)

For makeup and skincare I did buy the stuff in different places.
I think I'm gonna make it in other different post and as well as review for each product.

For The Balm Nude Palatte , it's actually a graduation present from my friend.
He's so toughful and sweet by giving me this. Thank you :)
I really like it a lot, the color is pretty natural and suitable for everyday basis.

Okay, for this fragrance, it's actually a gift set from Elianto because I purchase over certain price.
It is mini size and cute, really perfect for travelling.
All the scent are a lot like rose (since the packaging are roses)

I will soon make another post for all the product that I haven't stated.


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