Saturday, January 18, 2014


Have you ever in life wanted to have something One Of A Kind only for you? I know I do. I always wanted to have something that symbolize myself. I like to glam something or add some personalize touch into something to name it mine.

Few months back I did DIY Splattered Clutch and I love it so much. I also just bought myself a note book. I was my self to be more organize and productive if I write everything down. It really helped. It was black and boring and I do also paint it myself with some acrylic paint (I want it to match my clutch). I just randomly paint it, and it turned out quite nice. 

I really like to make new things from something. I guess it is a hobby of mine. For me it just give a touch of myself and give an signature sign. It might not as perfect of professional as store bought but for me the cool thing is the experience of making it. I had so much fun making it and I felt so accomplished that I made it. When people asked when I get that, I can said I can proudly say I made it myself (well, maybe not entirely from scratch). 
For example when I made this clutch, I forgot to line things properly and mess things a little bit. But I learned something from it. I know something new, so the next time I do, I'll know what I have to do. 

It such a fun way to loosen up and be creative! It won't happen until you start. and you won't know what will turn out if you didn't finish it. It might turn into something that you won't expect. Even you make the same thing twice, the result won't be exactly same. That's the fun of DIY, it's customize and unexpected. You will learn something new every single time. It is not theory that you can read from book, but it's experience that you have to learn yourself by getting involved. Don't try to convince yourself that you can't. Nothing is impossible, and make the impossible possible! You'll find out every new bit of yourself that you didn't know you can. 
Be inspire everyday!



  1. I like what you did with this clutch. It is so unique. Good advice about doing your own thing.



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