Saturday, January 25, 2014


Do any of you guys have those day when you just wanna lie on your bed doing nothing? Recently I have that kind of day, just lazy day but I did watching youtube, reading blogs, and did my nails as well. My favorite color is purple, and this purple color is pretty with a little blueish tone.

Elianto in S09

I promised myself to do more sketching but I haven't done it for quite a while. I'm such a fail. :(
I've catching up with my TV show recently. I can spend my whole day sitting in front of my laptop, and watch entire season in one day. 

Chinese New Year is almost here but I still have quite a bit of things that I've to do. I'm gonna go back to my hometown to spend CNY with my families. It's gonna be fun, since this year we've been planning to do a few things.  I still have some shopping, packing to do. It's gonna be a busy weekend this week. I have to make sure I get it done in time. 
How're your weekend?


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