Monday, January 20, 2014


I'm sitting on my desk with a cup of green tea in this rainy day. Then it hit me. I haven't make my new year resolution list. But first perhaps it would be nice to rewind 2013 a bit. I know I should have write this post like 3 weeks ago, I'm super late but I just have a lot to things in my last past year that I have to rethink. 2013 is totally the year where a lot change my life. I grow up a lot through this year. There are a lot tears and joy that help me walk through this year. 

I remember when my final college project that drove me crazy. I was super stressed out and even had my down life for few months. My skin even reacted so badly cause of the stress, I was breaking out so badly that made me stay at home for almost 3 weeks. I was crying for most of my day. I don't know what to do. It was my worst experience ever. I even had nightmare everyday that exhausted me when I had tons of works to do. I also got hit by a motorcycle, broke my computer twice in a year, and a lot of worse things that really gave me some lesson.

Despite of bad experience, I also had so much fun last year. I was red headed once and I love it so much. (might getting back sometimes, lol). My friend and I were trying to finish our work until late at night every single day for couple months. Also I graduated and had so much fun with my friends. We talked a lot about our memories in college. All those are totally experience that money can not buy. 
I moved to Jakarta last year to work and I found myself having so much fun times bonding with my family. I had a big family which I wasn't super close to but now I was so happy that I got a chance to know them better. 

2013 is a year full of tears and joy for me. I learned a lot through out the year and I still learning in process. There're a lot of things that I wanted to do in my life. There're a lot of things that I don't know and I want to experience. 2014 is the year. It's a year of big changes, and new things. 
There are a lot more things that I want to express, things that I don't know I'm capable of. 

I had several New Year Resolution that I want to achieve this year:

> Be More Creative and Knowledgeable
I want to think more creative, do more reading, and make more DIY stuff. I've always love to DIY something, cause it's all about having fun and you got to learn something in process. Also I want to sketch more in the future. 

> Be More Organize
I bought myself a few journal, note books to encourage me to write so my life would be more organized.

> Healthy Eating
I used to like eating fries, chips, cakes, sweets and all that crap. But I wanted to have a healthy diet like eat more vegetable, fruits.

> Learn New Things
There are a lot of stuff that I want to learn such as Photography, Filmography, Adobe and all other cool stuff that I don't know about.

2014 is still a long way to go. But every single day is a journey of life that I don't wanna miss. Life is so short to sit in the corner and watching. Hope everyday is one step closer to achieve our dreams! 
Happy Monday! 


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