Tuesday, January 21, 2014


When "that time of the month" is here to greet me, I usually have some kind of sweet craving. And I was craving of chocolate. I read that it is because chocolate contain mood-lifting chemical in it, which probably true because I'm one of the victim. So, I decided to make myself some chocolate pancake.

What you need:
> 1 cup of flour (I'm using almond flour)
> 2 eggs
> 1 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
> 3 tbsp granulated sugar
> water 

Basically, just combine all the ingredient, and then add some water (I'm just eyeball-ing) until it create liquidy paste. Then heat up your non-stick pan, grease with oil and pour in the batter. 
Wait until it start bubble up on top, then flip to the other side. 
Note : Make sure to put on low/medium heat! If not, it might get burnt.
 (I won't lie, I did burnt mine on first try. But hey, it get nice after that. You gotta learn from mistake)

It was so good and it's super easy and quick to make (even the one that burnt off was good too, no lie). It was totally enough to fulfill my chocolate craving. I'm in good mood now :)
Give it a try and you will like it. 



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