Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Easy Sweet Hairstyle for Valentine

Hello all the hearty out there, we know that Valentine's 2 more days away, everything seems very pretty sweet. So, I think it would be great to pair it with some cute and sweet hairstyle to rock this day. I'm gonna show you some hairstyle that are super easy and simple to recreate. 

1. Beachy Soft Waves
It's super cute and create an illusion of thick and volumizing hair. I'm using a 25mm curling iron to create this hairstyle. Be sure to apply heat-protectant spray before apply any kind of heat into your hair. Then grab 1" of your hair and start smoothing out any kind of knot so that it leaves with nice and smooth curl. Curl the hair toward the face and repeat for the whole head. For the fringe, I decide to curled it away from the face. Then just brush through the curl with the finger and kinda mess it up a little bit.
You totally can rock this hairstyle out, it'll suit any style you wanna go for.

2. Sweet and Hearty Half updo
To put some extra glam to your hair, half updo always a great choice to go without being too formal.
Basically I just grab half section of my hair and then twisted it into a bun then pin it in place. Super easy and simple. 
Need extra detail? Here a hearty one for you! Section half of your hair into 2 and braid them normally. After that start twist them (probably 2 times or less if your hair is short) into a small bun and bring the rest into the middle of your head  then secure it with some bobby pins. Repeat on the other side. You will left with heart shape hairstyle on your head. 
When you wear this out, people will know you are falling in love. 

3. Romantic Side Ponytail
If you're looking for more romantic and sexy to wear on date night, you can try this side ponytail.
First pull your hair into whichever side you want your hair to be. After that, grab a little section of hair and braid it. Then just bring the braid and twist the rest of your hair to create a loose side ponytail. Secure with some bobby pins. 
It will gives you the romantic and elegant look, excellent for a date night with your love ones.

4. Waterfall braid
Lastly, maybe you just decide to hanging out with friends or family, still wanna glam up something. Try this waterfall braid! Super cute and easy way to glam up your look.

Maybe you don't have Valentine?
Who said you can't still look cute on Valentine.


  1. Lovely hair styles!

  2. It looks sooo cute!
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  3. I love these ideas! Will definitely try them out, you should make more of these love them!

    xo Mélane
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