Friday, February 7, 2014

NOTW: Valentine Pink

As one of my New Year Resolution I made for this year is start do more sketching, I've been stick to it and start to improve my drawing skill. I think would be appropriate if I incorporate some pink to welcome this beautiful upcoming Valentine's day. Of course my nails aren't exception.

This nail polish actually was in one of my mom's collection, I just borrow it. I just applied 2 coats and it gives very pretty bright pink color and totally scream Valentine for me. I hardly ever wear too much of pink with me, but for V-day I could make an exception for that.

It totally made me excited for V-day so I'm loving my nails now!

The original picture I drew is from Kandee who is an artist and designer who also run a company in selling her art. She's really an amazing artist, I loved to check her art but just didn't have the money to buy any creation of hers. I really like one of her design "The Owl'd Owl'd Story", so I decided to draw it. Apparently it turns out different. (lol).

What do you guys think?



  1. You're very talented Fretty!! And the color of the nail polish is very lovely. I didn't know Pixy also sold nail polishes.

  2. I like the picture, Fretty. You are so creative. I just stumbled upon your blog so I am not sure how much you are pursuing your sketching but I hope you are. I hope to see more posts from you.



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