Saturday, February 8, 2014

How to wear Dark Smokey Eyes on Valentine!

For all you people who are dark smokey eyes lover, you might think it won't be a good choice fro V-day, you might need to reconsider it again. There are ways that you could do that but still look lovely and sweet.

1. Create those perfect looking skin.
First rules you need a great foundation to start with. Choose a medium to full coverage foundation. I've been breaking out here and there recently from the effect of CNY junks, so I took my favorite Revlon Color Stay Foundation with a damp sponge to create flawless looking skin. Set it with some translucent powder. Perfect base is a great start.

2. Times for those eyes!
I used my favorite palette the Balm Nude Tude to create the smokey eyes. It's been my go to palette recently because it has a pretty neutral matte and shimmery shades. I love the color Silly, pretty brown shadows with color shimmers which I use in the center of my lid. Do not forget to frame those eyes, I love my bold eyebrows. Make sure to use some gel to hold those brows in place, you don't want them to moves around.

3. Gimme those Lips and Cheeks some colors!
Choose some light rosy pink to gives colors back to your face. To match up, wear a pretty peach lipstick to distract intense in the eyes. I wore Revlon Lipstick in Rich Girl Red.

4. Toss those hair!
I love to have a pretty soft curl hair for this look. The easy and zero time consuming is to leave your hair damp hair braided for sleep and you'll leave with the most laid back effortless looking curls. Just give a little toss to the hair to give some volume.

5. Time for Outfit and Accessories!
Pink and lace is a perfect match to create a feminine and flirty piece. I've been loving this dress I got from cache cache on sale. It makes me super girly! To accessorize, I wore my rose gold necklace also from cache cache.

Now, work the look and SMILE! (PS: I just got my braces off!)


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