Sunday, February 9, 2014


For all those people who are chocolate lovers and also have signature to give chocolate of V-day, I'm gonna show you some easy and yummy gifts ideas. It's just another ways to show your loves one how much you love them and it's also fun ways to do together with your friends. Not to mention also cheaper than store bought ones! :D

Believe me, I'm not a typically chef material. I don't do really well with kitchen. Okay, maybe a little. I only like to make foods that are easy and not complicated. It's super easy and even kids can make it. :)

1. Strawberry covered Chocolate.
Who doesn't love these? It's the most perfect combo sweet treats. It's basically self explanatory, just grab your strawberry and cover it with melted chocolate. Of course you can decorate however you want. Just be creative! It literally takes seconds to make. 

2. Puppy Chow.
It's also another super easy treats to make. Combine your choice of cereal, it could be any kind ( I chose corn cereal ) with melted butter. If you feeling a little bit fancy, you can add sprinkle, or also covered it with some powdered sugar or matcha powder like I did. I did eat some while I was making because it was so yummy, I just couldn't resist it. 

Now, it's time to wrap them up. You could wrap them in a box or jars and then maybe tie it with a little cute bow. Voila! It's ready to give to your beloved ones. Or maybe you could just eat them yourself like I do! :p



  1. I love chocolate any time of the year, but these look so pretty I wouldn't want to eat them! x

  2. This is so cute and I'm sure the person who received this will love it! :)

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