Tuesday, March 25, 2014


You might think your fridge is only used to store your food, but I must tell you that your beauty product also can be store there too. It's because of the temperature!  A few times you can see that a lot of product they asked you to limit the exposure of heat and humid.

Placing them in fridge not only makes them last longer also makes the products work better. There are some product that I like to keep in fridge.

1.Eye Cream
Putting eye cream in the fridge not only will makes the product more potent, the coolness also helps instantly to de-puff and soothe the eye areas.

2. Moisturizing Cream
It's always best to keep face products in cool, and dim place because heat can possibly change the content and formulas that make them less effective. Also enjoying cool moisturizer makes your skin feels good.

3. Face mask
Whether it's store bought or homemade mask, it's better to keep them in fridge. Although it's crucial to keep the homemade one in fridge to prevent them turning bad. Placing the face mask in the fridge also makes your skin so refreshing and relaxing when applying. One thing I wanna mention is it's probably doesn't work for mud mask or charcoal mask, cause I have experience that the product got harden.

4. Perfume
A lot of people tend to store their perfume on bathroom counters or cabinets, but actually the heat and humidity from the shower can affect the perfume's original scent. It's best to keep it in dim, cool, and air-tight place. Store them in fridge solved it all, preserved and protect the scents. Cool perfume also really refreshing!

5. Nail Polish
Heat can makes nail polish becoming thick and melted consistency. Keep it in fridge will extend its life and keep the nail polish smooth and easy to apply.

I've been trying to store my beauty products in my mini fridge in my bedroom. Where do yo store your beauty products?

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