Monday, March 24, 2014


As much as I love to wear makeup, I also really enjoy taking those makeup off and let my skin breaths. I find myself really taking my time and enjoy the process of removing makeup. I always make sure my face is squeaky clean before moving to my night routine.

There is one time that I woke up with my makeups still on and my skin was reacting really awfully to me. Since then I make a vow to myself to always remove my makeup before bed. I've always been a fan of cleansing oil all my life because I find it's easier and takes all my makeup off. But recently I ran out of my usual Biore Makeup Remover Cleansing Oil , that stuff was miracle, removes all my makeup even waterproof makeup. I thought I should try a new one.
After reading a lot raving towards The Body Shop Camomile Cleasing Butter and I decided to pick it up. I have to agree with all the good reviews out there.

It comes in a soft-wax like balm in a small metal tin. It has a light scent which is lovely. Even though it's a wax, it melts as you massage it on your finger. With a gentle massage onto the face, it gets rid of all the makeup even all those waterproof makeup. With eye areas, I usually rub the products on my finger and use my ring finger to gentle massage my eyes areas and it easily dissolve all the makeup. It also doesn't sting my eyes or makes your vision blurry which is great. I take my time to gently massage my skin while remove the makeup, and it feels really good.

It has Camomile flower extract which is the one that I'm really excited for because it's well known for calming and soothing properties on skin. It also has amazing healing, anti-oxidant and moisturizing power so it won't dry out the skin. But I usually still follow up with my cleanser to remove the oil.

I really like the product, what's your favorite?


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