Saturday, April 26, 2014


As age grows, the eye areas are the most shown aging all of the skin area. It's not only getting drier also it can appear wrinkle  and fine lines in which are most likely not welcomed. The eye area is the most delicate area and for sure need extra good care of.
I started to use eye care 2 years ago when I started to realize that fine lines under the eyes started to shown. I was definitely regretting myself for not taking care of it soon enough so I could prevent it. I am a contact lenses wearer so sometimes my eyes tend to get dry and spontaneously rubbing my eyes which can cause more fine lines.
I am also was born with under eyes dark circle, and getting worse as I'm getting old due to lack of sleep which lead to eye puffing. Some morning I could wake up with my eyes puff and it's not a good look. In those situation I like to use my DIY cucumber pad (blend the cucumber, soak some cotton pad, then let it freeze in fridge). It soothes my eye areas and instantly de-puff my eyes.

I've been trying quite a few of eye cream but the one I like to use is Clinique All About Eyes eye cream. The formula is lightweight so it worked really well under makeup. It's not too rich or too thick that will make your makeup moves around. It helps reduce the appearances of eye puff, dark circle and fine lines. I like to place the eye cream on fridge so every time I use it, it's cool and help de-puffing the eye areas. Personally I like to use it in morning because it's lightweight, but at night I like to use something thicker in which now I'm using Nivea Creme. Although it's not to specifically aim on eyes area but I like the thick consistency for moisturizing the under eyes. 

What's your favorite eye cream??


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