Thursday, May 8, 2014


Aloe Vera, it's a just a miracle goodies for us people,whether from inside or outside. If you haven't read my other post talking about DIY Face and Hair Aloe Vera Mask , you might wanna check that out because I cover more in depth about benefit in Aloe Vera. Now we know how Aloe Vera benefit in our life, you should consider incorporate more in your lifestyle or even maybe plant it cause it's just so easy to take care.
There are also a few product out there that contain Aloe Vera as well for instance this Nature Republic Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera Soothing Gel.

This product is like a miracle. I was introduced by my friend a few years back and I'm hooked. It's the best selling product that sold out in seconds in Korea. It contains 92% Aloe Vera extract which soothes the skin from sunburn and gives moisture back to the skin. It also smells fresh, absorb really quickly and not sticky at all.
It's the most versatile product that I can use for basically anything.

1. Moisturizer.
As I said versatile, you guess it! Yup, you can use it basically anywhere from head to toe. It's so moisturizing and soothing your whole body.
Quick tip : If you place it in the fridge, it will give you extra cooling effect. (Also works wonder as eye de-puffing)

2. Hair Treatment.
It also can be use when you're hair damp or dry. When using on damp hair, it works as hair conditioning. Usually I like to use it before bed and put it in a bun, the next day you will left with the pretty curl. When using it on dry hair, it works as hair styling gel. Sometimes I like to put a bit after curling my hair to hold and gives shine to the hair.

3. Clear Brow Gel.
Using your spoolie brush or just re-purpose your old mascara wand with a little bit of the aloe vera gel make the perfect brow gel to set your brow in place.
 It also can be use on its own as treatment. Your brow and eyelashes are hair as well which need nutrition so it can grow longer and thicker.

4. After Shaving Gel.
After shaving usually your skin tend to get easily irritated and red. Aloe Vera Gel can help reduce redness and give the moisture to the sensitive skin.

5. Lip Tint and Treatment.
You can use it as lip tint by mixing it with a little bit of either eyeshadows, liquid liptint, or even food coloring. It gives you some shades and also moisturizing at the same time.
Quick tip : Use a little container or old contact lens cases to mix for easy storage.

6. Healthy Nail and Cuticle.
It can be used as a nail and cuticle for its vitality and healthy conditioned nail. I also realized the nail polish apply more easily after using it.

7. Dewy Looking Skin.
If you like more dewy looking skin (which I personally don't like since I have oily skin), you can mix some of it with your regular foundation with the ration of 3 (foundation) : 1(aloe vera gel). You can adjust base on your own skin preference.

It's huge tub and basically can last you for long time. What more could you ask for that?



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