Wednesday, July 23, 2014


You know how much I love myself some eyebrow, basically I couldn't live a day without my eyebrow pencil. And since I just dyed my hair a lot lighter, I wanted my eyebrow to match them. It will make it appear natural. So I decided to go find the perfect shade that match the exact color of my hair and it's the Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24 Hours Auto Eyebrow in 04 Red Brown. (Probably that's how you might wanna describe my hair color).

I actually have this eye brow pencil for quite a while now. If I'm not mistaken, I purchased it last year when I get just got my hair dyed too. But at the time my hair wasn't light enough to match the eyebrow pencil itself so it appear a little too red for my liking. Then I decided to buy a new shade.

But since now I got the perfect match, I've been using it and definitely my go to staple product at the moment. It has dual ended with pencil on one side and spoolie brush on the other. It's very easy and quick to use, not to mention it has long lasting ability which sometimes I tend to get bald patch if I use powder. It comes in 3 other different shades which are perfect. One thing I feel quite annoying is it is quite hard so you might need a little bit more pressure to make it appear more. If you naturally has thick eyebrow, I think this will be perfect.

I might own too many eyebrow product. But they are all in different shade and when I got my hair colored, then they all have equal uses.


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