Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hi everybody! Sorry for not posting as regularly as promised. There has been a few things going on in my life. Life might not always happy but even in those sad days you could create your own happiness. So as I ramble so much, I decided I need a change. I dye my hair AGAIN! And this time it's BURGUNDY!

I'm a person who like to do things by myself if I could. Of course same goes for dying my hair. I think I would prefer buy hair color and dye it myself rather spend the money which probably will come out as the same. Well, maybe less damaged. But this time I was planned to go to a salon and get myself some blonde hair but as me and my friend walked in too late, which was probably 8 pm and the lady said "It's too late, you may come tomorrow". I am the kind of person who if I like a thing, I want to get it ASAP. But if it gets delay, it may not interest me anymore. So I went back and decided to grabbed some box dye and dyed it myself.

The one I used is Revlon Color Silk in 45 Bright Burgundy. Since my hair are pretty long, I used the the 2 box of the box dye. My hair was pretty damaged this time. As I put on the dye on my hair, it started to burned my head. It did hurt a lot! I literally only put in for maybe 10-15 minutes. It hurt me! My scalp couldn't even handle the pain so I quickly ran into the bathroom and rinsed it off. My hair was so frizzy I couldn't even combed it out until I slap on a big gulp of hair mask. After that I literally put on a lot of hair treatment so it would be less damaged.

The color came out pretty bright and I quite like it, definitely a new long for me. I would recommend and consider to go to a professional salon the next time I color my hair. It scared the crap out of me! I was so afraid I might ended up with bald spot in my head. Thank god I'm not! Probably it's also because I've been dyeing my hair a lot in such short time.

Here how my hair looks in indoor, it's quite bright and I like it. What do you think?


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