Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Day at The East Coast

Couple days ago, my friend came visiting me and another friend here in Singapore. We grew up together from the same town, same city and same country. We even went to the same country for college, even though I ended up with the different college. It's nice to have our close friends around when you are in another different country. Today we decided to go to cycling at East Coast.

In the morning we are so excited to get ready but as we are all women, we takes more time than we expected. By the time we decided to step out,it started to rain. So, we decided to have some lunch at Japanese restaurant as we wait for the rain to stop. The food were good.  Eventually after we finished our lunch and we wondered around for awhile, the rain had stop.

The weather is so nice, it's warm, windy and beautiful. I also love the I could called "after rain" smell. It's very appealing and relaxing for me. As we arrived, we rent a bicycle for each person and start cycling around the whole area. I struggled to cycle at the beginning since the last time I ride was years back. But as we went along, I started to get used to it.  We stopped to take some picture and enjoying the moment. The place is so beautiful and relaxing. We also get to enjoy the sunset by the seaside. You can tell that we probably enjoying our time a little too much by ending with over timing our bicycle rent. But, it's all worth it!

After that, we decided to take a break to Holland Village where the place to drink and chill. After a quick dinner, we spent the rest of the night sat in the bar and chit chatting about our life. That brought back a lot of memories. We definitely have grew up. We are different now. 

The experience was very fun! We really enjoy it, and we definitely have leave some really good memory in there. This is probably the last time we would enjoy our time together before getting a job. But we definitely gonna do it again.  

"When we think of memories you made with friends, those memories become treasures" 

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