Thursday, August 14, 2014


As my last post about hair said, I had quite damaged hair due to my hair color. I do have a few tips and trick to help maintain it in a healthy condition, check here. But I also have some help from some product that I've been trying for a while now and it works wonder so here it is. It's the L'oreal Hair Spa Nourishing Treatment.

I first heard about this product is from a saloon in my hometown. Every time I went for a hair spa or treatment, I took a peek at the product they used and I found that they used this. They put the product on to my hair and massage it for around half an hour which it feels really good. After that they will wrapped it up in a hot towel and let the product do their job. After rinsing off, It always leaves my hair feeling silky smooth. I really love the treatment. Usually I like to go once a months or so
But then it got mt thinking why wouldn't I just buy the product and do it myself at home. And yeah I did. I bought it and I tried it at home. Probably the only difference is the massage is not as good as the beautician at the saloon. But hey, it still works. Usually I used it once a week.

Ever since I dyed my hair again, my hair really could use some help and I have been using it every time I washed my hair. I have to admit now that I'm using it regularly I have skipped the whole hot towel thing. I just do a basic massage on to the scalp and leave it as long as I can. It leaves my hair feeling soft, smooth and manageable. I love this product and I also have recommended the product to my friends and they all love it. Apparently it works for all hair type.
Try it! And let me know what do you think?



  1. You have totaly convinced me, I'd love to try this product :) I am such a hair care freak & I just love trying new products. You have a great blog design.
    Love Life Every Day
    everydaybeauty instagram

  2. Thank you! :)
    Yeah, you should try it, it has pretty much save my hair quality! :)


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