Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I have been suffering with back pain for quite a while now. I think it started when I joined a yoga class, crazy right? I think I was doing the wrong pose or something, but ever since my back pain have been hurting like hell. It's not a constant pain, but it's a frequent hurt. What I meant by that is sometimes it doesn't hurt but sometimes it hurts like hell. I remember back in the day that I used to asked my friends to help me with some back massage to relieve some pain.

My back will hurt everytime I'm bloating. Bloating can cause back pain because the gas in my body cause it. I have no idea about the science or back story about it, but I heard my brother about it. Also everytime I got my back massage, I burped, which means the gas inside my body are released. A quick pain relieve that I learned through out my experience is drinking a hot tea. Believe me, it helps!

Other reason that will cause my backpain is sleeping. Sleeping in the wrong position and surface will cause my back pain as well. It's the worst thing ever whenever I have back pain in the morning, because I have to suffer the pain for the whole day. Because of that, I have been make sure my body and mattress can gives me the comfort I wanted.

Casper mattress has provided such an awesome mattress which giving a comfort surface to sleep on with a right amount of sinkage. It relieves pressure from hip and shoulder area, which gives the cloud-like sensation when you sleep. It was made with combination of latex and memory foam that allow to keeps you cool. One thing that I like is how bouncy it is so I can shapes to our body so it won't cause any back pain. Casper is a great way to achieve good sleep without causing any discomfort in your body.
Casper also has a great service with 1-5day and only 90 minutes if you lives in NYC. All you need is open the box, and Phuff! The mattress opens right up for you. If you're interested, you can check out more in here and the design here.

Now you can say bye bye back pain!


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