Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Kimono has been very popular since last year, but this summer it already make its name back again. I've been obsessed with the recently. It's comfy yet also very trendy. Not to mention it has a lovely pattern which a great way to spice up any boring plain clothes. I have 2 different type of kimono which both I absolutely in love with. Let me show you!

First piece is this sheer kimono that actually I made last year. I made it myself when I watched a how-to video on youtube. Since I'm not a not good at sewing and it come out pretty bad, I decided to let my mom step in and helped me with it. I love it! It's kinda short, not covering the butt which I'm not intended to but I still how it looks on me. It's sheer so it's not overheated. I adore the pattern on it which definitely spice up my boring white tank top.

The second piece is this mid length kimono that I got from Chinatown in Singapore for only S$10. Whaat? Yeah, it's a bargain, right! I grabbed the kid size because it lay on my body perfectly. I adore this so much.
It's a silk material and definitely a long thicker that the first one. It definitely looks more like a traditional kimono so whenever I wore it, I felt like a Japanese. It also has pastel floral pattern on it which are very feminine.

I love whenever the wind blows, and the kimono flies through the air! It's kinda been a thing for me.
Are you obsessed with kimono like I do? How would you wear them?



  1. LOVE your kimono, and your blog! x
    Follow my blog? :) Legally Brunette

    1. Sure! I love your blog too. Wish you could follow me back :)


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