Sunday, September 7, 2014

Heatless Hairstyle in A Week #BackToSchool

As my hair grew longer, the more I love to play with my hair. Since Back to School is back, I though it would be fun to create a post dedicate to hairstyle. Although I'm in school no more, I still wanna look cute to work every single day. All the hairstyle shown are most likely very simple and hardly takes any minutes because apparently I love my bed more than my hair (just saying).

For Monday, apparently I always feel the Monday Blue as the weeks starts. so I just rock ' Naturally Straight ' hair which already washed and air- dried the day before. I just added a few drops of hair oil and slapped them toward the ends of my hair to give them some shine. It just very quick and easy, literally takes 2 seconds.

For Tuesday, then here's comes the ' French Braid Pig Tail '. Who said middle school only allow to wear them? That day I was literally lack of sleep and my contact lenses are just not being friendly enough with me then I decided to just go out with my glasses. So I thought of being young and braid my hair in a pigtail. It's nice way to get all those hair out of the way though still look cute.

Wednesday is the day of ' Second Day Hair Curl ' kinda day. I just brought down my pig tail from the day before and I left with those curls. It looks like you spend at least half an hour doing you hair, which in fact it's just hardly takes any seconds.

And now the Thursday. It's the battle of greasy hair and the dry shampoo. I usually just went for more fancy  ' Braided Top Knot' . Since I have really less hair, I found braided them make them appears more volume and cuter with detail.

TGIF! Friday is a new fresh hair, because I washed them again the day before. In the morning I left with clean washed straight hair. I went for ' High Ponytail ' hairstyle since I'm going for the cool chic look that day.

Which hairstyle do you like most? Let me know in the comment! :)



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