Monday, September 1, 2014


I'm in need of some good brushes and I have heard quite some good raves from the internet about the Zoeva brushes. I thought I might try them and see if I like them. I try to find Zoeva Rose Gold collection on Luxola webpage a few months and apparently they aren't in stock. So, I decided to get the Zoeva Bamboo Pinsel Set that they have. It was 25% discount for the entire site which ended up with a cheap price. But since I was still in Indonesia at the time, it takes quite a long time to arrive (the reason why I hate online shopping).

The bamboo set is one of the best selling product from the line. It is a vegan brush set with bamboo handle which makes it environmentally friendly. It came with 12 brushes for face and eyes wtih synthetic taklon bristles.
These are some of the brushes and guide to use:
Buffer // Apply and blend foundation.
Powder // Apply loose and pressed powder.
Foundation // Apply liquid and cream foundation..
Fan // Sweep away any fall out or excess powder.
Blush // Angled shaped perfect for blush and contour.
Eye Blender // Blend eyeshadow smoothly.
Crease // Blednidng and shading eyeshadow in the crease.
Shader // Apply all over the lid eyeshadow.
Liner // Apply cream eyeliner in one stroke.
Lip // Apply lip product for precise finish

The brushes are soft and I like it that made out of natural product so I feel like they are making my skin better (or maybe it's just me). I love how it looks and I have been putting them for good uses. They also very easy to clean and still maintaining good quality bristles. I'm in love with Zoeva brushes and I still might wanna get my hand on the Rose Golden Set. It's an obsession!

I even like how they describe  "In Asia, bamboo is considered as a symbol of steadiness and longevity. ”  It's perfection!


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