Sunday, August 31, 2014


Last week, my brother's girlfriend was in town. She came to surprise my brother and also to spend some times with him since they're doing long distance relationship. Although the relationship was pretty new, they are so cute together. I like her, she's beautiful, nice and funny. So we hit up a few place and had so much fun.

First stop is Bugis. We were stopping by to the Chinese Temple to pray and of course grabbed some grabbed some egg waffle. We also did a little bit of shopping, (I meant me, myself! upps! ) and more food a long the way. Then we decided to stop by to get some lunch as it was starting to rain. We were having some Indian food, nasi biryani. I can say that was the best chicken biryani I ever had, it was so good!

Apparently after we finished eating, we still want more food. She mentioned takoyaki stall at Orchard that she really wanna try, so we hit the road again to get them. When she said it was good, she meant it. It has quite a selection of takoyaki filling and topping. We went for tamagoyaki which has some egg mayo on top.

While we're waiting for her friends to join us, we took a break at Paris Baguette. You can see there are so many selection of cakes and desserts. They looked absolutely amazing, I just want them all, but we decided to try the signature Royal pudding. It was my first time trying it, and I am addicted. It has layer od pudding and caramel. I'm definitely going back for that!

At this point you might think we were full right? The answer is no! We were totally food moster. We got ourself some Korean food for dinner.

Crazy times! I'm sure I have gain at least 1 kg from those food! But we definitely are enjoying it, especially my brother and his girlfriend. We should do it again sometimes!!


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