Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Roadtrip to childhood memory


As far as I remember, I didn't get to travel a lot when I was little. But when I open my mom's scrapbook, I saw me been somewhere I can't remember where. Then I asked my mom where and when this happened, she would answer me with "You were little girl, you might not remember it"
I've always wanted to go to somewhere near the sea, somekind of beach in anywhere. But somehow, as far as I remember, I never really did.

A little throwback last year when my friends came and visit me, we decided to went for a little road trip around Singapore. I always thought Singapore is a small town and small place which might bored me but I was wrong. Singapore has a lot of very magnificent and beautiful place to visit. We decided to go to East coast, not my first time (you would know if you have read this ) and yet still fascinate me. Maybe because I lived in the city where crowd always surround me so when I just look at the sea, the air, it's just very purifying. We didn't get to ride bike this time because it was raining but still I can't just left this place empty handed without enjoying any fun.We brought some food (camping kinda like), play sea water, running around and just enjoying the view and environment. It was fun!

When it started to get dark, we went for dinner and continue exploring the city. We went to Mount Faber to enjoy the city view from top. Just a few minutes ride, we also continue our ride to the famous Henderson Waves, the bridge with unique design. It's just beautiful to enjoy the night view of the city away from the crowd.

Done with the rambling, just let the picture do the talking.


What I'm wearing
Jumper : Cotton On
Backpack : Random store at Johor
Sandal : Random store st KL 

Did I mention I dyed my hair purple at the time? 
I miss them a lot 


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