Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Christmas Last Year #Throwback #FashinDiary

A little throwback here for Christmas last year, it's one of my favorite festive holiday season. Last year Christmas was fun like never before. Although the beginning of the month, I was struggling with some problem, but towards the end of the month I was trying to escape from my own problem, went for drink, party and even got drunk few times. You can consider myself crazy young b****, but I would said YOLO since it only happened once a year. I spent it with my best friend with new country, new people and new environment.

Jingle bell, Jingle bell.... Jingle all the way...

I found Santa's reindeer >w<

 What I'm wearing:
Top : Thrifted
Skirt : Bugis Street
Shoes: Nile
Bag : Bugis Junction

Me attempted to recreate emoji face.
Hope you enjoy



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