Sunday, March 15, 2015


If you have been following me last year, (which probably you might not), you probably have seen a lot of changes on my hair with all the dye, heat and other horrible stuff that I put on my hair. Also maybe you might realize I have cut and dye my hair which I have been ruling around and finally decided which I personally love it.

My hair was damaged, dried and tons of breakage after numerous times of dying and bleaching I did last year. It was bad! I guess picture will describe much more better than me trying to exaggerate how bad my hair was.

And new year came which lead me into thought of cutting it and dyed it back to my natural color. Actually, I dyed it black first which looks totally horrible on me. It was black black! I only have it for about 2 weeks and dyed it again to a slightly dark brown which match my natural hair color. Now I love it! I feel like a newborn girl back to my natural inner self. Not to mention the struggle I had when washing my long long hair.

My newself now will try to mantain my hair to get the healthy hair and try to avaoid as much heat as possible.
I've been rocking my natural hair now and I kinda lovin it! :)

How do you feel about my new hairstyle??


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