Thursday, March 5, 2015

Morning Boost!

Recently I've just started to get my butt off the chair and hit the gym. It's been a whole three month or so since I started this healthy lifestyle. It's been the longer in my life (no joke, proud of myself). I even signed myself up to gym membership just to push myself and build those packs.

I usually like to get it finished in the morning, not only it gave me tons of energy, but I just felt like to get it done in the morning and I don't have to worry about it later throughout the day. Not gonna lie, it's not easy to lift myself off the bed and working out. Sometimes I just feels so energize, but most of the times I just feel like to sleep in for another minutes to hours. But I've been doing really good.

I got asked tons of how to keep myself motivated to work out, my answer is the eager and dedication. You can wake up early in the morning to run or even sign up for a gym membership, but if you don't have the eager for it, it won't last long. Remember what goal are you looking for, it can be to lose some weight, to get tone muscle, or to healthier lifestyle. Set a goal for yourself, set that in your mind! And you will get there. It won't be an overnight thing. This thing takes times, So don't give up just because you haven't see the result. As long as you being consistent,you will get there. I am also still on my way to it, so let's do it together! We're in this together! 

I do also have some tips and trick that do help motivate me every single day. 

1. Follow motivational people on instagram
When I wake up, the first thing they'll reach for is instagram. How many people out there are like me? Every time I'm feeling tired and unmotivated in the morning to go to gym or just feeling crap, but when I scroll through my feed with those positive energy from people, it instantly motivates me to get my butt off the bed and hit gym.
Few people I like to follow like iza_goulart, kayla_itsines, bagsandbunny, jenselter, and lots moreeee
Don't tell me you won't get motivated after seeing their instagram. They're the bomb!

2.Start small and work it up.
If you're a newbie, don't push yourself too hard and expect yourself to being at gym for straight 4 hours every single day. It will stress your body out and you will get ended up halfway.
So start small like maybe going 2-3 times a week for an hour gym and work you way up. Your body will get use to the change and get stronger as you work out more.

3. Cardio
I remember when I was at the gym few weeks ago doing weight lifting, a guy came to me saying like "Girls, you don't need to do that much of weight lifting, you gotta bulk yourself up!"
And yeah it's true. It will if you put high resistance on yourself. If you wanna get toned muscle instead of bulky, you gotta do more cardio. Now I've been adding more cardio in my routine and I can see some progress on me.

4. Take a rest day.
It's very important to give yourself some rest day to heal up after your hard work. Stretching and low impact exercise like foam roller exercise are good way to relaxed the muscle from the soreness.
Also you can do some outdoor activities like cycling and swimming is a fun way to get your heart pumping.

5. Be consistent 
You don't want to do it for a week and after that you go back your old times eating junk and being lazy. Then you will just gain nothing. Consistent is the key. As long as you have the heart to healthy you, then you will get there.

Believe in yourself that you can do it. 
Then you will!

"Ask yourself if what your doing today is getting closer to where you want to be tomorrow" 



  1. I've been looking at joining my uni gym! $150 for the whole year, so I don't see why I shouldn't do it ;) I love cardio! I'm a fan of running. Running is my form of therapy! :)

    1. Yeah! I feel you girl, I'm also a big fan of running as well. It helps me release stress! Also don't forget to always eat healthy! :)


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