Monday, April 13, 2015

Fashion Diary : Black jumpsuit (Now & Then)

Long time I haven't post any fashion diary, kinda miss it so I think I would love to get back in the bond wagen.

Last year I bought a black jumpsuit and If you follow me on instagram, you will probably already saw it on many of my previous post. I have been eyeing for it,  I'm so happy when I bought this jumpsuit, it's the right cut, the right length, and it fits me so well. It took me so long to find the perfect jumpsuit since I'm quiet short and most jumpsuit are like wiping on the floor. 

I think black jumpsuit are just like LBD, it's the one staple item you need to have on your wardrobe. It can be worn casual or formal wear. It all depends on how you decide to style them with.

It the exact same outfit but with different outtake.
I wore it first time round out for tea with my girlfriend and I decided to wore my La Senza bra to accessorize with some sparkles, It added some elegant touches and some extra back details. Since my hair was still long, I decided to do a plaid/braid to finish off the look.
Second time around I was attending my colleagues's wedding, and I decided to wear it again (who said you can't wear some outfit twice). I go with plain black jumpsuit and bring my little sling Ralph Lauren bag to keep my essential.

What I'm wearing:
Jumpsuit : The Editors Market
Shoes :The Editors Market
Bag : Ralph Lauren

I'll be wearing this for more casual way. Care to see?


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