Sunday, April 19, 2015

Love Lately #2

DISCOVER.  This time I think I would like to start with the new discover that I never thought I ever exist. It's the rawtill4 lifestyle. Basically if you don't know what it is, basically is eating raw food (fruits and veges) until 4pm in the afternoon. Probably not that strictly, not it does mean that you only allow to raw food for breakfast and lunch. It's the lifestyle founded by Freelee the Banana Girl who eat plant based diet lives in Australia. She is amazing, great and inspiring. I was totally blown away with this lifestyle and I myself has tried it for couple of days ended up loving it. Although I'm not ready to committed to go for this lifestyle, and instead I'm trying to eat more plant based food. With no joke, my body and my skin definitely loving it. I'll try to speak about it in the future blogpost.

WEAR.  I have been loving this phone case which I got in a random stall at Orchard and it was pretty cheap like S$3. I'm absolutely loving it. It has like water with some sprinkle inside and it can moves ups and downs which is very interesting to watch. Sometimes when I'm feeling boring, I just play with my phone case and stared at it for couple minutes. My friend even told me once that I had a mental problem. Hah! That's that.

WATCH.  Last week I got a chance to go to the cinema and watch Fast 7 which I have been waiting so long for it. I am a die hard fan of Fast and Furious. I watched it from the beginning of the film. And this time for Fast 7 tribute for Paul Walker, I am not going to miss it for any reasons. The movie was so well made and it also quiet heartbreaking towards the end. There were some tears going on. Not to mention the song playing at the end of the ride "See you again", I've been playing it on repeat.

LIFE.  It was my 22nd birthday last week and there are some surprise that I'm definitely did not expect. I'm so blessed with the people around me. I have the best amazing families and friends around the world. Words couldn't describe my thankfulness and how grateful I am to have you guys in my life. Thanks again for all the wishes. I definitely have a blast!


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