Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Every time people always think vegans are boring and only eat green, I prove you wrong. We can still have amazing yummy food without having no harm going to the animals. Sometimes it's just heartbreaking to see that how animal being slaughter and being violently treated while we're enjoying what they've going through and worst we're the reason why they're being treated that way.

We are all human being, all human being should have right to live and be treated right. Imagine when you are eating animal product, all the anxiety and frightened going into your food and you are eating them. "You are what you eat", and it's so true, you are definitely what you eat. Every single emotion that is on your plate going through your body will affect you and your emotion as well. Think about all the pain and anxiety they suffer, that is what exactly going to your body as well. So why bother doing that to them and yourself. Just leave the animal to peace. I truly believe that peace should start from your plate.

Okayy... enough my rants, moving on to the exciting part today is I'm gonna share with you guys ice cream recipe, yeah, it's ice cream babeee...and most exciting part is it's only need one ingredient only! Yesss, you heard me right! One and only BANANA! Basically my favorite food of all time. No added sugar. no preservative, no animal hurts ice cream.


Bananas (How many you like, the more the better, of course!)

1. Peel and freeze the banana for at least 8 hours or overnight.
2. Put them in food processor with NO water added and blend.
3. You might need to pulse and scrape down for couple times and keep blending.
4. It may takes couple of minutes but you will left with creamy smooth ice cream.
5. You can stop and enjoy right away, but I wanna keep it slightly fancy so I decided to put into container and put it in the freezer for few more hours. (Because it get melted while blending)
6. Every half an hour, I take it out and stir so it didn't become hard into a block. We wanna keep it light and fluffy.
7. Then you just enjoy.

How easy and simple right?
I also getting fancier by serving it on a mini muffin with some waffle cone topped with chocolate sauce and nuts.
What a nice hot sunny day to enjoy ice cream! Yum!!

Hope you enjoy!

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