Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I believe we all ladies have the same things in common, BOOBS! Yes, we are getting down and deep up in here. Today post, I'm going to get more intimate and talk about our sister here. Why shy about it? We all ladies have those and they need to be appreciated.
I don't know if you guys have ever get in any problem when it comes to times, when you started  to get your first period, your boobs growing and becoming to feel more like women. When is it for you guys, age 10, 12, 13 or before or even later? We all have different periods times, so I think I'm just gonna share mine, like those embarrassing young memories, concentrating on our sister.

I remember myself growing up always have a quiet small boobs, but actually it never hurt me or a single thought of me of wanting big boobs or anything. For me, small are ok. You can run without getting bouncy, and yes, I'm using some really weird word to describe.
I remember in PE class, people in big boobs always struggle with running cause according to them it was such a heavy lift on the chest. But I was never have any problem with that.

Until the moment I turn college, when I started to realise about real time girl life. I started to take care of myself and care about my appearance. Not to mention, with 13 girls in my flat at the time, boobs, boys, and periods are we all talked about overnight.
That time I started learning the little thing about boob, how I have been doing tons of thing wrong for instance wearing the wrong size of bra, wearing them to sleep, washing them in the wrong way.
Wearing bra is important, cause our boobs need to have a little help of lift to keep them in shape so it the muscle in the breast kept in tack.

I have load of friends saying the hate of wearing bra with their bra problem as I called the "Bralem".
I guess first you need to keep to is choosing the wring bra size. There are so many bra size out there in market. Honestly if you asked me how to determine your bra size, I would recommend to go to bra counter and asked them to help you, at least that's how I knew my size. No need to be shy about them, most people worked there are ladies, and as I said we all ladies have them, so it's normal.
There are also so many types of bra out there that you can choose from, like sports bra, push up bra, and more stuff I don't know about.
Loads of discomfort when wearing a bra usually start with how you wore them, seriously!

I stumbled upon third love, maker of comfortable, pretty bras, and found the solution for all the bra-blems. Literally my saviour! Look at the chart below to teach you step by step fixes and some solutions to fix your bra-blems

Some of the trick, I may or may not already know. I also learned the shape of my boobs, you can check yours here. But honestly after I read these, I am more interested in all the bras! Oh yeah, our sisters also need to be styled up. You can search through the entire page for your perfect fix bra. You want comfy? They have it. You want sexy? No doubt they are. 

Thirdlove kindly given me some coupon code for all my lovely friend who are interested. You can you code "BRALEM" to get 15% off for your order.
Now what are you waiting? Get to the site, and start scrolling and shopping!



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