Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Summer is here!
It's been extremely hot in China as I can feel the summer. I think the highest heat weather is at 38 degree Celcius in Changsha. It was super hot, I think I was about to melt at the time. Totally confused why I am struggling when my whole life I was living in a tropical island. But yeah, I am back again, in Singapore, as hot as ever, and loving it.

Of course when we think of summer, first thing will click will definitely think of beach, party, and yeah, same goes to me. This summer I have been planning about going for some trip. And today I'm gonna share with you guys my summer essential that I can't live without.

1. Sun Screen
It's not only my summer essential, It is totally my all day favourites. I can't go anywhere without sunscreen. It's important to always put sunscreen on your skin, you don't wan those sun burn. Been there, and it hurts. I have my lesson learnt so I will always put on sunscreen whenever I go. My current or I will say my all time favourite is Biore UV Aqua Rich Water Essence with SPF 50 PA+++.  I have been loving this product for years. It is so light and not sticky at all, most importantly it won't smell like some other sunscreens do. Been wanted to try other brand but somehow I always go back to this.

2. Skincare
For summer season I have always been loving something light and easy to throw on like those slap slap and I'm out of the house. My current favourite is Innisfree Green Persimmon Pore Essence and Toner combination. It gives the skin the hydration but yet leave the skin smooth and matte. I love it, I have been using it for several times and I can see difference in my skin. I usually use the tone right after washing my face to lock the moisture and to follow with the essence. It has changes how my skin feels.

3. Multi-use oil 
In my defence, coconut oil is literally multi use product, literally.
I use coconut oil for so many thing. I use coconut oil to cook, I use coconut oil as my hair product, face product like make up remover, face moisturizer, and did I mention oil pulling?
One thing that I have been trying out this summer is doing oil pulling. If you don't know what the heck is oil pulling, basically is dental technique that involves swishing a tablespoon of oil into the mouth on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes. It proven to help with oral health and also to draw out toxin from the body.
So far I have been trying to do it 2-3 times a week. So far so good, although it's kinda boring and awkward, but I think I will keep on doing it.

4. Scent
In the summer, I will typically love something that is light and floral base scent. I have been loving Eau de Toilette - Fleur de Cerisier. It's a very floral and subtle scent that is very pure and sweet, I believe it's a cheery bloosom scent, as I totally do not understand French. It's a birthday gift from my friend and I can totally I have been enjoying it very much that it's already half empty.

5. Sunglasses
I have a thing with sunglasses, but I can never get myself to buy branded sunglasses, because I always either throw it or lost it, so yeah, at the moment I will just buy cheaper version.
Recently been loving this blueish mirrorize looking sunglasses I got from China. Totally no brand, and I have been throwing inside my bag, I believe it definitely have some scratches on it, but for me it means it has proven its worth to me. Just love.

6. Swimwear
You know why I put my all love to the last point? Yeah I can share to you my heartbroken story, I lost my bikini in my hotel room in China. Heartbroken as I am speaking right now. I have no idea how stupid am I. But on the brighter side, I will say it means I can have the chance to buy new bikini, yeah?
Recently stumble upon Adore Me , where they provide tons of amazing women intimate wear like lingerie, sleepwear and swimwear. First thing that attract me, of course the swimwear section.The have so many variety, from sexy, fun , flirty and even plus size. So all you girls out there, no worries, you totally can find your love there. They say beauty comes from inside out, right? Yeah, it means it start from your inner wear. At least that's my definition.
I like Dallas and Mina the most, super sexy! Now I'm trying to portrayed myself wearing it. Haha, maybe I still need to work on those bikini body.

So, what's your summer essential?
Let me know and share it with me!
Enjoy your Summer Break!


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