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I have always got asked by people on how to keep my hair looking healthy after I dyed my hair so many times. Well, I have a confession. My hair aren't healthy. They are dry especially at the end and now that I dyed it blond,  it gets even drier. I also do suffer like everyone else with frizz or unmanageable tangles. But I've been trying my best to keep them as healthy as possible. And I finally got some ways and products that I found really helping and I definitely can see significant difference on my hair.

1. Try not to overwash your hair.
I know you probably heard that a million times before, but it's true! Shampooing too much can actually strip your natural oil in the scalp and dry out your hair. I try to wash my hair only 1-2 times a week.
I also have some weird ways to wash my hair but I think they do help keeping my hair from drying. When shampooing, I usually foamed up the product on my palm and I also like to start working it from the back of my ear all the way up to the crown of my head while massaging to keep the blood flowing. I try not to wash the end of the hair too much, I just rinse the shampoo and let it run through my hair and clean itself.

And if you just find it your hair is too oily probably after gym or something, here comes the dry shampoo. I'm a fan because it leave my hair clean and also instantly add some texture to your hair. Also try massage it and toss your hair along the way to create instant volume to the hair.

2. Don't skip Conditioner.
I have to admit when I was young, I never use conditioner, not until the age of 17 when I first started color my hair. I realize how my hair dried out after color and only I started using them, but it did change my life. And now I literally couldn't live without conditioner. I can feel my hair was super tangling right after I shampoo, and conditioner safe my ass off trying to detangle my wet hair.

3. Mask it up!
I always slapping hair mask everytime I shampoo my hair because I just find it leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and easy to manage. I try to leave it as long as possible while I shower and do my other stuff. When I rinse the hair mask off, I'll run my finger through my hair so it will be easier to brush later on.
You also can use some DIY hair mask that already in your kitchen cabinet. I also been loving to mask my hair up with some coconut oil and leave it overnight with a shower cap. I have used that regularly and it helps repairing my hair. Also, your hair will smells wonderful all day long.

4. Avoid heat as much as possible.
We all know using too much heat definitely can dry out the hair so I usually let my hair airdry. A tip for me is to flip my bang the other way and shake my hair awhile drying so it'll add more volume to the hair.
But if it's an emergency, I'll always spritz on some heat protectant before hand. Brush the hair through with a wide tooth comb, and make sure to start from the end to prevent breakage. I also like flip my hair upside down while blow dry which give my hair more texture and volume.
When my hair around half way dry, I'll add some hair oil from middle and focusing on the end. I find it when the oil absorb better when it's damp.

5. Overnight Heatless Hairstyle
As much as I like my straight hair, I love myself having some wavy curl. To achieve that, I usually just make a top knot or braid while my hair is damp and go to sleep with it. Not only you wake up with a pretty curl, you also will have frizz-free and less tangled naughty hair. I also like to spray some hairspray to keep the curl in place.

Try these tips and trick yourself, and let me know if it helps your hair! 

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