Monday, February 13, 2017


Eek, It’s time of the month again when I share with you guys my monthly favourites. 
I kinda shift back and forth with doing this video or blogpost style, but this month I decided to do it blogpost style as things get a little bit more personal and I like to write them down. 
Lets’ begin! 


I have love this product since the end of last year and now have completely finished the whole entire tub. It enrich with natural oils and essential vitamin that will help improve appearance of scars, stretch marks and ageing skin. 
It is a mix of Tamanu, Carrot Seed and RoseHip Oil which gives an antioxidant boost, essential fatty acid, Vitamin C and F to help brighten up skin complexion, Vitamin E, Avocado and Calendula which helps to hydrate the skin; not to mention all the blend gives such lovely scent. 
I usually apply as moisturiser after I washed my face morning ang night. It has really helped to fade out pigmentation from my acne scars. Totally gonna purchased more!

Whenever I went back to my hometown, one thing I suffer the most annoying thing is mosquito bites. I hate them! They are like soldier army war comes to attack me out of hunger or something and my body will ended up scaring for entire weeks even more. Usually those scars are the result of my constant scratching because it was too itchy to bare.
I realise putting some cooling oil on the bites does really help in soothing the itch and I have been loving Safe Care Aromatherapy Oil. It doesn’t have any funny smell like other oil does which I totally drawn toward. Now that little bottle has been living my little purse wherever I go.


 As one year kicks in, I have begin my fitness journey by signing into a new gym nearby where I lived. Ever since, I have been going to the gym in a regular basis and it has been doing great to myself. I can totally see some changes in my body and I just love the feeling of working out. Because of that I have been adding some protein powder in my diet to help my muscle recovery and also great way to get my protein intake since most of my diet are mostly plant based. I love it because it tastes good and the ingredients are pretty clean. I got mine from iHerb and I have discount code : RET5662 to get 5% off of your first order. 

Whenever I am feeling like having chocolate craving, I love making myself some raw cacao bliss ball. It’s my favourites! Not to mention I think it’s a great way as a gift especially now Valentine day is coming. I am sure people will love them! Fond some recipe? Here is my post for step by step guide on how to make them.

When I said fruits, I mean like all the fruits! I don’t think I can find any food that I hate eating. When I am home last week, I was in fruit heaven, well, maybe not really. But I ate so many fruit from jackfruit, papaya, dragon fruit, oranges, apples, mangoes, list can goes on and on. I wish I could eat all the fruits every single day, maybe even non stop! I am literally in sugar high now even thinking about it!
Watch these vlog to catch up on me <3

I love having some hot decaffeinated tea before bed especially mint tea. It helps soothes my throat and calm my mind get me ready for bed. I have been loving Crabtree & Evelyn Mint Tea, it comes in tea bag which comes super convenient for me. Well, I don’t need no further explanation for it. 


This year I found out a thing called “Bullet Journal”. First thing I discover this bullet journal is from Lily Pebble youtube video where she explained her whole last year journey of journalling. It was very new and interested to me so I have been binge watch all he videos and now I myself have started my own journey. I got my new note book from my brother’s christmas present as a start of my bullet journal and it has worked wonder. I felt so much more productive with it and I am sure there are more to come. 


    As spoken where I started my fitness journey, I have been in love with Sarah’s day youtube channel! I am like literally obsessed! She is so funny and her content are very informative and enjoyable to watch. Any new feed from her will pump me up. Sometimes I have no motivation to go for workout, but when I watched her, I have more pump to head to the gym. She is like my pre-workout! LOL!

I think that is it for this month favourites, guys. If I left anything out, probably they will make some special appearances in next month faves. But bullet journal totally has been helping me keeping me on track. I am so in love with it. 

What are your favorites guys?


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