Sunday, September 15, 2013

Busy working weekend

Today i supposed to have a date out with my girls, but since something came up with them, we canceled it up :( . But instead, i went to meet a client with my sister ( I currently doing intern with her as an interior designer).  My thought went for " aih, still have to work on weekend" , but okay... (Thinking of going for a little shopping afterward. 😁 )

Then we have a meeting at starbucks. What a starbucks without my fave chocolate drinks. Omg, i have a bad sweet tooth. 

Mine was hazelnut chocolate and my sisters was double chocolate chip frappuccino. 

We had the meeting for almost 4 hours. Quite a lot to be discussed about the construction which i still am learning. Afterward we go for dinner. We was quite hungry, but wanted to eat korean bbq, even asked the information services, but they said they haven't available there. :(  So, we just grabbed some snacks at the food court, nothing fancy. Haizz. I was totally craving for korean food, haven't eat them since ages. 

But yeah, just simply some random busy weekend for today. Hopefully next weekend i can go hang out with my girls. :) 


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