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I admit it, I often had gas in my body, feeling bloated and it's really uncomfortable.  It's quite embarrassing as well when you're in public if suddenly farting and burping happen. Sometimes it does give some body and muscle pain on my body, which irritate me most of the time. So, I did some research.

Apparently, gas usually caused by swallowed by air or the breakdown of food through digestion. Some Food and Beverage might cause the body to produce more gas as well.

There are some ways to prevent body gas :
- Change diet intake
   There are some food that may cause gas, such as: 
     > Beans.
     > Vegetable, such as : cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprout, etc.
     > Fruits, such as : pears, peaches, etc.
     > Whole grain, such as : whole wheat and bran.
     > Dairy product, such as : milk, cheese, ice cream, and yogurt.
     > Package food
     > Carbonated drinks

- Avoid eating gum or drink out of straw
   Loose dentures may cause people to too much air.

- Slow down
  People who eat too fast or do a lot of talking while eating tend to take in lots of air.

- Exercise 
  Light exercise like stretching, walking could help speed up digestion and prevent gas build up in your body. 
  It's suggested to take a quick 10-15 minutes walk after meal.

- Drink lots of water
  Always drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Sometimes prevention just came too late. Body gas just starting to make your body and muscle pain. I remember getting up in the middle of night feeling pain all over my body and just couldn't even sleep. It an't fun! 

There are some natural ways to reduce the pain as well, for instance:
- Drink warm/ hot lemon water.
   Lemon is really good for you. Acidity in lemon helps stimulate the production of HCL (Hydrocholic acid)      which break down foods. More HCL = Food breakdown more efficiently = Less bloating/ gas.
   It also helps to detoxify your body, because lemon helps the liver enzymes work more efficiently.

- Drink Peppermint Tea.
   It contain menthol, which has an antispasmodic effect of the smooth muscle track., which soothing pain         stomach, ease away the pain. It helps soothes nerves and therefore soothes stomach and reduce pain.

- Drink Ginger Tea
  Ginger tea is great whenever you're sink of anything. It helps to calm your naughty stomach.

- Drink Chamomile Tea
  It contain antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory which can help with the gas due to indigestion and heartburn.

- Do Yoga
  Try this Wind Relieving Position a.k.a The Pavanamuktasana Pose.
   > Lie flat back on your back.
   > Inhale and bring your right knee to your chest. Wrap your arm around your knee. Exhale and bring your        chin forward toward your knees
   > Hold for 4 breathes, then release your arm and knee, bringing your head back to the ground.
   > Repeat on the left side.

Those are some tips and tricks to help reduce body gas and body pain. Hope it helps! :)

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