Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Now that my hair has grew long down to my waist now, I do have some products that I added into my routine to give life to my hair. I'd say I have quite pretty dry hair from those bleaches, colors, and heat that I applied on my hair before.

Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Shampoo
It says helps strengthens hair from roots to tip, and contain fiber Actives penetrate to help reconstruct from within. Usually I never really on one specific product to use for Shampoo or Conditioner, but now that I use Dove Shampoo , I can feel my hair super soft even when I'm using it alone. Although I could use some extra steps for some extra nourish. One tip I usually do when I wash my hair is start from the back and work all the way to crown. It helps to create volume to the hair.

Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Conditioner
I never leave my bathroom without conditioner. Usually I just leave it on for few minutes and finish the rest of my hygiene steps.  It really helps to de-tangle my hair, and leave my hair extra soft.

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment Mask
My hair did suffer from hair fall and I always feel very frustrated. Although some people say that it's normal if is in range 50-100 pieces/day, I think some help never worst.

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Oil Serum
After shampooing and my hair still damp, I applied some oil serum throughout my hair and concentrate towards the ends. I did believe my hair is less fallout after using this for quite a while.

Lucido Triple Beauty Vitamin Spray
It contains hyluronic acid, vitamin B5, and protein to retain moisture, and nutrients also protect hair from the heat. I just spritz some to my hair and leaves my hair shiny and smells so nice.

Dove  Intense Repair Overnight Treatment 
It's a leave in treatment that you leave overnight to help replenish vital protein, restoring resistance and strength. It's been an extra step that I added to my routine and it's been a life changing. I realize my hair is less tangle and frizzy the next morning , and make it so much easier to style.

Usually I just leave my hair air dry to keep the moisture and also to avoid any heat damage. I also try to avoid overwashing my hair, probably 2-3 times a week. I might use some Dry Shampoo or homemade one like cocoa powder in between washes.



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  1. I love Dove! The products smell good and work also very well on my dry hair :)


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