Saturday, February 22, 2014


We can all agree that Japanese women mostly have perfect skin, of course for a good reason. They seems to have a really good skincare product range and I'm totally buying it. Personally, I quite enjoy using a few product myself like this mask from SANA

This product is gel cream type mask that gives the result of a sheet mask without worry the long time wait.  I heard some sheet mask shouldn't be leave on your face for too long as it can drive the face moisture away. I remember I was too tired but still wanted to pamper my skin with mask but ended up with my sheet mask still sat on my face the next morning. My skin feels so dehydrated and made the mask worked the other way around.

It's a Japanese night mask as I liked to call it "Sleep Mask", well not the kind to cover up your eyes, but mask that you pile on your face and let it sleep overnight.
This mask contain pearl extract, collagen, hyaluronic acid, soybean extract and coffee bean extract. It suppose to help moisture, brighten, tighten, and plumped the skin. The soybean and coffee bean extract also helps reduce the puffy face in the morning. Usually I like to use this at night as the last step of my skincare routine and apply the right amount to the face and leave it overnight then rinse it the next morning.

Although I didn't use it regularly (only when I need a little pamper evening), I still notice difference in my skin every time I used it. It  helps keep moisture in my skin because sometimes I still get some dry patches here and there even though I have combination skin. It also didn't broke me out or anything like that. It also have slight lavender scent which give relaxation and put me to good sleep.
It also more economical than using sheet mask and not to mention it works pretty much the same.

 I think I'm gonna pile some onto my face now. Saturday night always a good day to pamper your skin.

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