Sunday, June 22, 2014


You know I just moved, right?(Probably have mention in couple post before), but basically I just moved to Malaysia, to be exact Kuala Lumpur where the heart of Malaysia. I have moved into a condo probably for 1 month now and of course I made some friends! Since yesterday was weekend, I decided to treat my homie with my favorite food, PANCAKE! Honestly I was quite nervous because I never made any pancake for anyone. I'm afraid if it won't taste good, but I did!

The night before we went out to watch the World CUP until around 5 in the morning, so I think a brunch would be nice. She is super nice, and helped me with the filling and accompany me while I cooked and took pictures. Some people might find it annoying, but my housemate definitely is not!

Here are some picture of the result, we definitely were enjoying it! It was a nice weekend brunch. Probably gonna make it a thing. I'm gonna need more recipe so we could make it next time!

Recipe here!
PS : If you seperate the egg white and yolk and beat the egg white until peak foam, it'll make it more fluffier!
I also added some chia seed and honey. And since I don't have maple syrup, we decided to add mango puree on top! Yummy! :)


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