Saturday, June 21, 2014


I probably should have review this product long time ago because this has came along with me through my sad and happy times for the past years. Am I getting too deep in here?! Well, let's talk serious here, it's my holy grail skin care product! It's Garnier Skin Natural 3 in 1 Wash+Scrub+ Mask.

It enriched with active ingredients like natural clay which helps provides long lasting shine control by mattifying the skin, absorb and control oil and excess sebum on the skin. It also contain mineral like zinc to helps even out complexion by eliminating impurities and reducing inflammation. One thing that I actually really like is it has Salicylic Acid that most known to helps reducing acne. It also great exfoliator to purify skin and getting rid of excess sebum and dead skin cell.

As it said it was a 3 in 1 product which you totally cold use as Facial Wash, Scrub or Mask. I personally has tried all before and I found I like it the best as mask and scrub. It has white clay texture with small bead that works as exfoliator. It has mint cooling effect that I really need when my skin feeling dull. I usually leave it for 20-25 minutes or until it get harden (it makes me hard to move my face, which lead you looking and talking like a weirdo). After that, I rinse it with waster and it the meantime I like to use my finger and massage it through my skin which act to exfoliate. Usually I only concentrate on my nose and chin. After using it, my face feels so refresh and I can see it helps brighten my skin.

Overall it's a fantastic product! I've gone at least 2 tubs of it and I will continue purchasing it because it's cheap and works wonder!
What is you holy grail skin care product??


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